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The authors of Healing: Gods Forgotten Gift recommend Young Living Essential Oils because of their Seed to Seal™ guarantee. Young Living Essential Oils is the only company in the world to offer this guarantee. Young Living product standards compels the company to be able to tell you where each bottle of oil came from and who has handled the plants. The soil is tested to produce the best plants for harvesting essential oils, the purity of the water to irrigate is tested, they have their own distillery and they set the industry standards for production. The strongest reason for us to only use Young Living oils is because we know that purity counts when it comes to health.


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How to Purchase the Bible Study Course

Healing: God's Forgotten Gift is available as a Small Group Kit that features six study guides and one DVD set. You may also purchase the DVD and Study Guides separately. Discounts are also available for quantities of all three in 10 and above.

All three options are now available exclusively in the CARE Catalog at raindroptraining.com Click here to visit the catalog and view purchase options.



Purchasing Biblical Grade Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are Biblical Grade, i.e. pure, unadulterated, properly cultivated, properly distilled, laboratory tested, accurately labeled, and properly packaged. Over 90% of essential oils available on the market are for fragrance or food applications and not for healing.

If you purchase essential oils from a retail store, don't expect to receive the healing properties we attribute to the oils mentioned on this website and in the book and DVD, "Healing: God's Forgotten Gift." The only company we know that reliably and consistently produces Biblical Grade essential oils that yield healing results are those from Young Living Essential Oils, Inc.

The oil blends referenced in the Bible study and on this site -- Exodus II, Forgiveness, Harmony, Joy, Three Wise Men, Thieves, and Valor -- are all proprietary blends available only from Young Living Essential Oils. The "12 Oils of Ancient Scripture" Kit mentioned in the lesson book and DVD is also available only from Young Living.

If you would like to purchase any of these oils to support your Bible Study course, please click on any of this website's "Seed to Seal Guarantee" graphics, which will lead you to Young Living's website where you can purchase Young Living Biblical Grade Essential Oils.