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The authors of Healing: Gods Forgotten Gift recommend Young Living Essential Oils because of their Seed to Seal™ guarantee. Young Living Essential Oils is the only company in the world to offer this guarantee. Young Living product standards compels the company to be able to tell you where each bottle of oil came from and who has handled the plants. The soil is tested to produce the best plants for harvesting essential oils, the purity of the water to irrigate is tested, they have their own distillery and they set the industry standards for production. The strongest reason for us to only use Young Living oils is because we know that purity counts when it comes to health.


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The following books and DVDs are valuable adjuncts to Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift.

Healing Oils of the Bible (both book and DVD) are the foundation resources for the whole program, Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift. For serious applications of essential oils for healing purposes, you will need at least one of the first two resources listed and marked with asterisks (*), the *Essential Oil Desk Reference or the *Reference Guide to Essential Oils. These two contain encyclopedic information on specific applications of essential oils for specific conditions or diseases.

The Chemistry book in the list is unique in that is not only easy to understand without any background in chemistry, it is written with a Biblical basis and demonstrates how anointing for healing with essential oils is both scriptural and scientific. This book provides a scientific basis for “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift.”

All of the resources listed here, including The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, as well as Healing Oils of the Bible, both book and DVD, can be purchased at www.RaindropTraining.com, as well as many other places, except for the books by MacNutt. The books by Francis MacNutt, as well as Healing Oils of the Bible, are available in most Christian bookstores.


*Essential Oil Desk Reference, edited by Brian Manwaring
*Reference Guide to Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley
A More Excellent Way by Henry Wright
Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple (God’s Love Manifest in Molecules) by David Stewart
Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman
Gentle Babies by Debra Rayburn
Heal Your Body by Louise Hay
Healing by Francis MacNutt
Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart
Healing Oils – Healing Hands by Linda Smith
Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert
The Power to Heal by Francis MacNutt
The Prayer that Heals by Francis MacNutt
Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Carolyn Mein
Scriptural Essence: Temple Secrets Revealed by Janet McBride


Quantum Physics, Essential Oils, and the Mind-Body Connection by David Stewart


Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart
Emotional Releasing with Oils by David Stewart
Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart


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