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The authors of Healing: Gods Forgotten Gift recommend Young Living Essential Oils because of their Seed to Seal™ guarantee. Young Living Essential Oils is the only company in the world to offer this guarantee. Young Living product standards compels the company to be able to tell you where each bottle of oil came from and who has handled the plants. The soil is tested to produce the best plants for harvesting essential oils, the purity of the water to irrigate is tested, they have their own distillery and they set the industry standards for production. The strongest reason for us to only use Young Living oils is because we know that purity counts when it comes to health.


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We All Have the Gifts

We have all been given three gifts of healing, but few know how to use them. In fact, few even know they have them.

These gifts are:

  1. The gift of a mind and heart capable of prayer that draws from the power of God.
  2. The gift of hands and fingers through which God’s healing energy can flow.
  3. The gift of aromatic oils that God created especially for healing.

These are the tools for healing and you already have them. You just need to know how to develop and apply them. You may have a gift for playing the piano, but you will never play the piano without training, study, discipline, and practice.

The series "Healing: God's Forgotten Gift", provides you with the knowledge by which your gifts of healing can be developed and applied for real healing. Through these lessons, you can become a healer. You can build a church congregation with a true healing mission. You can also build a powerful business with Young Living Biblical Grade oils that will be a blessing to the world.

In I Corinthians 12:31 we are admonished "to strive for" or "to covet earnestly the best gifts," including the Gift of Healing.

What is "Healing: God's Forgotten Gift"?

"Healing: God's Forgotten Gift" is an exciting new Small Group Bible study series. Dr. David Stewart, Dr. Don Clair and Sandy Sutter have created a revolutionary way for you to learn and experience the healing power of Christ. Over the course of the eight week series, your small group will be taught and trained to duplicate the healing mission just as Jesus taught His disciples, using prayer, laying on of hands and anointing with essential oils.

Anyone can lead this Small Group Study series. You need no prior training. All you need to know is provided in the book and DVDs. You don't need to be familiar with the Bible. You can also go through the series alone, but you will learn more going through it with one or more partners as a small group.

The program consists of a Study Guide and accompanying DVDs. Sold separately or bundled in a group packet, the materials give you everything you need to get started immediately upon receiving the material.

One set of materials includes:

  • 6 study guides

    • Six study guides (one for you and 5 of your friends) include Scriptures, student notes, discussion questions, as well as instructions and additional materials for leaders hosting the sessions.
  • 2 DVDs

    • Eight 20 minute teaching segments by Dr. David Stewart to be viewed by all participants each week.
    • “Help for Hosts” segments by Don Clair and Sandy Sutter containing additional ideas and assistance for leaders hosting the sessions.

What is Covered in the Eight Sessions?

1. God’s Gift from the Beginning

An overview to help you realize it is a good thing to desire and become a healer through Christ; to become familiar with Scriptures that express God’s love for us so much so that He provided us with herbs, plants, and oils to give healing even before He created Adam and Eve, foreseeing a time in the future when medicines would be needed.

2. Oils and Healing

Focuses on encouraging you to consider when Jesus sent out individuals to heal the sick that His commitment to heal extends down through the ages, and that jesus' disciples "anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them." Mark 6:13. His instructions to those He empowered apply to us today.

3. Oils for Spiritual Purposes

Helps you to understand God’s protection in Old Testament times through a holy anointing oil and holy incense, which not only were intended for spiritual purposes of prayer and meditation, but also served as antibacterial agents to protect His people from infectious disease and how this applies to us today.

4. Cedarwood and Solomon

An in-depth study of how God provided much more than a building material when Solomon chose cedarwood to build his palace and the temple of God and the benefits for us today.

5. Oils, Temple Maintenance and Repair

Helps you realize taking care of God’s temple (your body, mind and heart) means following God’s laws of emotional, mental and physical health.

6. Healing and Repentance

Focuses on the fact that virtually all disease has a cause which may include a connection between our unresolved emotions and our physical bodies; to realize forgiveness is necessary to prevent disease and, once healed, to keep it from returning; how anointing with oils and praying amplifies our intent and hastens healing.

7. Faith, Love, Prayer and Oils

Helps you realize the skills and attitudes to be developed in praying effectively for healing; how to develop and grow your faith; inspire you to strive for a perpetual state of love and gratitude.

8. The Great Commission and Beyond

Inspires you to diligently seek the Great Commission God has in mind for you!

Through these sessions, you can learn to be a healer, just as the disciples and followers of Christ were healers when Jesus was on earth in physical form over 2000 years ago.

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