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Rediscover God's Gift of Healing

Welcome to "Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift".

This website introduces one of the most exciting Bible study programs for small groups available today. "Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift" is allowing small groups to be taught and trained to duplicate the healing mission as taught by Jesus to His disciples.

At the time of Jesus, and for two or three centuries afterwards, the disciples and early Christians engaged in a true healing mission where the lame were made to walk, the blind to see, infirmities of all kinds were healed, and the dead were raised. However, the skills and knowledge for healing by spiritual means have been largely lost and forgotten for many centuries. "Healing: God's Forgotten Gift" is meant to bring back to the 21st century the healing mission as practiced by Jesus, His disciples, and the early church.

If you have an interest in healing as practiced in Biblical times and as taught by Jesus, “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift” is a program in which you will want to participate.

This revolutionary eight-week course, created by Dr. David Stewart, Dr. Don Clair, and Sandy Sutter, consists of a Study Guide and a set of two DVDs that work hand-in-hand. The Study Guide includes Scriptures, student notes, discussion questions and instructional material for the leaders hosting the sessions. The DVDs contain eight 20-minute teaching segments and supplemental information, ideas, and assistance for the leaders.

A Healing Mission in Your Own Church?

James 5:14-16 describes the healing protocol of the early church, admonishing the sick “to call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord . . . that you may be healed.” The problem has long been that most elders would not know what to do if they were called. “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift” solves that problem.

If you want your church congregation to grow a healing ministry as practiced by those whom Jesus dispatched in His lifetime and as continued for at least another two hundred years by the early Christian church, will serve more people and attract more members than almost anything else you can do. “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift” is designed to meet this need.

By going through the eight sessions of “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift,” with a leader in small groups meeting once a week in your church, everyone participating will receive the healing wisdom of a Biblical Elder.

Using the Study Guide and DVD

The “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift” program includes a Participant’s Guide that contains the weekly participants study guide, materials for Leaders, and Class Resources, plus a set of two DVDs. Healing oils (available for purchase separately) are applied at each session to acquaint participants with the aromatic anointing oils used in Biblical times. Twenty minutes of the DVD are played at the beginning of each session where Dr. Stewart sets the tone and explains the purpose of that day’s lesson. Also included in the DVD set is a section called, “Help for Hosts,” where prior to each session Don Clair and Sandy Sutter share insights and helpful hints for the group leader to ensure a successful Small Group experience.

Can the Answers to Today's Health Crisis be Found in the Past?

Healing by prayer, laying on of hands, and anointing with oil are ancient and effective practices that were common in Christian churches in the years and centuries following Christ’s Mission 2000 years ago. “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift” restores those teachings to the present.

You will learn that the practice, art, and skill of spiritual healing taught through “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift” are not only scripturally based, they are also scientifically based as legitimate forms of alternative medicine for first aid, mitigating disease, pain management, stress relief, increasing peak performance, increasing physical or mental health, and improving one’s quality of life.

At the very least, those who participate in the eight sessions of “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift” will acquire healing prayer and anointing skills to apply to themselves and their families for better health and healing. You can expect miracles to happen among those who participate during the eight weeks.

Please explore this site to learn more about starting your own small group study on “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift” for your friends, church, and community. You will be so glad that you did.

Your life, and the lives of your friends, relatives, and church community, will never be the same.

Dr. David Stewart, Dr. Don Clair, and Sandy Sutter
Authors of “Healing: God’s Forgotten Gift”

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